Newhouse holds an annual workshop named "Design for Good," in which they select a non-profit organization to provide a free rebranding with the aid of Visual Communications students and industry professionals under a 48 hour intensive workshop. Move Along was chosen as the candidate for this year (2023). Move Along provides and promotes inclusive adaptive sport and recreation opportunities for people with disabilities and allies.
Role: animator/motion designer and assisted with illustration
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Procreate
PIxels & Print Group Picture (2023)
PIxels & Print Group Picture (2023)
First 48 begins!
First 48 begins!
The goal: Produce an informative video for the organization's website, aimed at enlightening the community about the objectives and activities of CNY Adaptive Sports. Our intention was to infuse the video with a lighthearted, close-knit, and inspiring atmosphere that effectively conveys the organization's mission and significant contributions.

Fridays Pitch Deck

The Final Product

Saturdays Pitch Deck ( Final )

The motion design team was divided into several segments, comprising a total of 7 students and 2 seasoned industry professionals. Within this framework, specific tasks were assigned: some focused on audio editing, while others concentrated on illustration, animation, and illustration tracking. The remaining members were dedicated to animating the logo, jumbotron video, video flow, social media posts, and the concluding animation.
Upon the culmination of a 48-hour period, the following represents our collective achievement.

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